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LAIKOU Morocco Hair Essential oil 60ml


LAIKOU Morocco Argan Oil Hair Essential Oil 60ml


✅ Contains Australia Argan oil, Moroccan nut oil, British sea kale oil and other ingredients, which rich in protein, a variety of unsaturated fatty acids. It is conducive to the absorption of nutrients, supplement hair nutrition, make the scalp grow more black, healthy hair.

✅ Repair perm hair, make hair supple, easy to comb, not knotted.

✅ Nourish your hair so that hair glows a healthy luster.

✅ Essential oils permeate hair roots, repair hair, smooth hair and improve hair loss.

✅ The texture is light and easy to absorb, and the hair is refreshed, not easy to stick dust



-Moroccan glycerol helps repair hair quality

-Natural essence nourish hair and increase shine

-Essential oil penetrates to core for smooth easy to comb hair

-The texture is light & fresh, easy to absorb.



✅ Type:Morocco Essential Oil

✅ Hair Type:All hair types

✅ Net Weight : 60 ml

✅ Ingredient : Australia nut oil, Moroccan nut oil, British sea kale oil

✅ Features : Repair perm hair,nourishing,moisturizing

✅ Shelf Life : 3 years


How to Apply Laikou Argan Oil

-Press twice Moroccan hair care oil when you using it

-After washing your hair and drying it, apply oil from middle to end.

After that you dry it with hair dryer

-Dry hair can be used directly to make the hair smooth and repair the damaged split ends