Beauty Products

Cosmetics enhance the physical attractiveness of users. We have wide range of Makeup, Anti Aging, Whitening, Repair, Shrink Pore, Lift, Firm, Skin Care, Blackhead Remover, Moisturizing, Acne Treatment, Anti Aging and Wrinkle.

Largest Geometric Terrarium Collection

Our geometric terrarium style in weddings and venues with its glass ... Explore our terrarium collection for your home, event or venue designs.

We have a wide range of terrarium glass geometric in Design & Craft in Singapore. Largest number of instock gold geometric collection in Singapore!

Let Pack and Travel

The Different Types Of Travel Organizers. ... Travel organizing systems allows you to make better use of the limited space in your bag. You can fit more in your luggage and your belongings are better protected. Packing organizers help you to stay organized when packing, as well as when travelling.

All about Fairy Lights

High Quality LED lights used for decoration, especially at festivals such as Christmas, Wedding Deco and Special Occasion.

We specialize in Fairy Light with wide range of design to suit every special moment.

Car Camera and other Automotive product

A properly placed dashcam is not a distraction but can actually benefit the driving public. In recognition of this. The act will make it mandatory for all car manufacturers to fit their cars with dashcams.

Jump Start Battery

Car Battery dead!!! All u need is a recovery set of Jump Start Battery which are use by recovery team around the world.

Desperate times Desperate Measure. All you need is this. Check it out

Action Camera

Action Camera is a digital camera designed for recording action while being immersed in it. Action Cameras are compact, rugged and waterproof at surface-level to capture your every single moves.

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At 1st Avenue Store, we understand the need for quality products at affordable prices. We embrace a seamless and hassle free shopping experience for all consumers. So shop on and leave the rest to us. We are dealing with Multi Category like Travel Organizer, Home Deco, Beauty Product, Car camera, Fairy Lights, Automotive and Etc.