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Kinbata (Japan) DIY Air-con Chemical Wash 580ml air-con cleaner

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Clean & extend air-con lifespan. Make your air-con fresh & clean like brand new. Save time, save effort, & save more cost. Easy to use, conserve energy, reducing the bill.

Brand : Kinbata (Product of Japan)

Size: 580ml

User Guide In Image Scroll Through Or Refer to the steps below

  • Remove or Break the stopper at the lever
  • Switch off the air-con.
  • Remove the air filter from the air-con
  • Expose cooling fins/coil (For Deep cleaning spray on the blower too)
  • Shake the product few times up/down
  • Spray towards the fins/coil up and down and shift from either right to left or left to right. (Spray from distance 5cm away)
  • Wait for Bubble foam to disappear. (Cleaning solution will flow out from the pipes.
  • On the air-con change to fan mode/3-4 bar blow the air for 10-15mins
  • Done fit the filter back and close the casing.

1 Bottle 580ml

Good for 2-3 air con unit

Important to pull off/break off the cap (Square), shake up/down before spray Next after waiting for the chemical to take effect. Recommend to use Fan mode blow the air out for about 15-20mins (Every time doing this will helps prevent choke and clear clog)

If your air con have some clog or water dipping issue this may helps but if serious dipping will require air con service helps. So far after doing this steps will stop the water from dipping and the air con will be colder. Recommend do use every 2-3mth.

If there is water dipping and air con not cold recommend to using this bottle for cleaning asap. Do deep cleaning include spray on the blower. (1 Full Bottle)