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Hensi draw line eyebrow pencil waterproof, sweat-proof, color makeup

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[How to use eyebrow pencil]:

  1. When peeling the refill, pull down the white wire slowly without too much force to avoid breaking the white wire
  2. Tear off the paper along the torn opening to expose the appropriate refill (usually 0.5mm), and do not need to stay too long.
  3. Tear off the torn paper and use it (if you like a flat head, you can cut it with a blade).
  4. You can draw a picture on the paper first and erase the beeswax on the corners.


  1. Natural color rendering, easy to color, natural color and very durable
  2. The texture is smooth, the color is natural, and the texture is smooth. It can be matched with hair color
  3. Convenient to use, pull line type, just pull it lightly, no need to cut
  4. Natural and smooth, with smooth brush strokes, soft beeswax pen core, moderate hardness and not easy to break.

[Thrush method]:

  1. Find the brow, brow peak and brow tail
  2. Use rhomboid to outline the outline
  3. Internal color filling
  4. Finish the brow modification