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Electric Ultrasonic Calculus Remover Dental whitener Scaler Oral Irrigator Tartar Stains Remover Teeth Clean Oral Hygiene Tools

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1.Micro induction ultrasonic technology -magnetic levitation cleaning power system. During ultrasonic work, only when the working tip touches hard objects such as teeth and dental stones will it vibrate, and soft objects such as gums will stop vibrating (to protect gums);

2.Youwill not feel any vibrationwhen holding the handle. The burning phenomenon during operation is normal. Please be careful not to touch the gums for a long time;

3.Effective for tobacco stains, tea stains, dental plaque, stubborn teeth stones;

4.IPX6fullbody waterproof, super long service life;

5.Double LED auxiliary light,makeoral and dental problems visible;

6.Ultrasonic transducer, 31000/min ultra-high frequency vibration tooth cleaning stone, comfortableand effective;

7.Medical grade working tip,quality304 stainless steel.Fineworking tip is suitable for cleaning between the teeth, frosted flat head working tip is suitable for cleaning stubborn stains on the tooth surface;

8.5 modes are optional, and mode switching can be realized by touching them twice.

9.Automatic shutdown for 10 minutes to prevent overheating;

10.Low voltage detection, the lamp with power less than 20% flashing alarm indicates low power;After use, long press 1.5s to turn on the key power off;


Color: white

Material: ABS+stainless steel

Size: 17.1*2.4*2.4cm

Rated voltage: 5V

Rated power: 1.5W

Vibration frequency: 34-40KHZ

Battery capacity : 600mah

Package list:

1* Ultrasonic Calculus Remover

3* Work Tips

1* USB Charging Cord

1* Dental Mirror

1* Mini Wrench

1* User Manual

1* Brush

20* Dental Floss