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How to use peel off masks:
1) Clean your face with a cleanser
It is very important to remove all make up dirt and oil before applying the mask
2) Warm the face to open pores .
Use a warm clothe and apply to face, this will help pores open up.
3) Apply the facial peel off mask evenly.
Using clean hands, pat it onto the face, make sure to create a nice layer to make the peel off process easier. Avoid eyes and lips.
5) Wait and relax
Its very important to let the mask dry out completely before trying to peel it off. Usually 15-25 mins.
6) Remove the peel off mask Gently peel off mask from outer edges and wash any portion you are unable to peel off.
Once you take your mask off, your face will feel smoother, fresh, and more beautiful and you will make peel off masks part of your skin care routine.