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Bath Bomb High Quality Custom Bath Bomb Molds Wholesale Bath Bomb Kit for Women

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Bath Bomb High Quality Custom Bath Bomb Molds Wholesale Bath Bomb Kit for Women

Product Description

Here's How You Can Melt Away Your Tension & Relax Faster! Looking for a set of premium bath bombs for your relaxing pre-bedtime bath? Want to treat yourself to a unique spa-grade skin-rejuvenating experience? Introducing The XL Bath Bombs Gift Set By Bubbly Belle! Now you don’t have to settle for all those cheaply-made fizzy bath bombs anymore. And you can say goodbye to those tiny 2.5oz bath bombs too. The moisturizing bath bombs are here to drop like an aromatic, refreshing, and soul-soothing bomb in your bathtub and turn a boring bubble bath into the best part of your day. You will be looking forward to your bath all day long and sleep like an angel afterwards. T

op 5 Reasons Why Bath Bomb Enthusiasts Choose Our Bath Bomb Set More Bomb For Your Buck: you don’t have to use 4-5 bath bombs in order to enjoy your relaxing bath.

Just one of our 5oz bath bombs will get the job done. Safe For Everyone: perfect for women, men, adults, and kids who want to enjoy a bubble bath, our cruelty-free, non-toxic, and vegan bath bombs are ideal for the whole gang. Melt Your Troubles Away: just dim the lights, grab a book, and indulge yourself in the therapeutic aromatherapy experience.

Love At First Sniff: let the Sandalwood Silk, Eternal Rose, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Jasmine, and Patchouli Aquamarine fragrances soothe and relax you. A Gift That Keeps On Giving: spoil your loved ones with a thoughtful birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, housewarming or Christmas gift.