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Aichun Beauty Dark Eye Circles Wrinkles Cream Natural Moisturizing Aloe Vera

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About the product: 
Multi-effective repairing eye cream.
Restores eye skin and reduces the signs of aging.
Improves skin elasticity.
Smoothes fine lines.
Removes dark circles under eyes.
Removes the bags under the eyes.
Soy lecithin, hydrogenated wheat germ oil, aloe barbadensis extract, tocopherol, witch hazel extract.
Product features.
Eliminates fine wrinkles, bags under the eyes and circles under the eyes, restores skin's healthy tone.
Method of use.
Apply the product morning or evening after skin cleansing. Take the needed amount of product on fingertips and gently apply to the eye skin.
Natural herbal ingredients:
Soy lecithin.
Doesn't cause irritation, activates the functions of the skin, forms a protective barrier on the skin.
Wheat germ oil.
Promotes the skin's metabolism, has anti-aging effect.
Aloe Vera extract.
Softens the skin, has a healing effect on acne, moisturizes and keeps skin smooth.
Softens the skin and restores skin elasticity.
Witch hazel extract.
Has a moisturizing and brightening effect, improves blood circulation, prevents the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
4 main effects of the product:
Moisturizes, retains moisture in the skin, firms and nourishes the skin.
Soothes the skin!
The product contains natural nourishing ingredients that moisturize and absorb easily into the skin.
Eliminates puffiness!
Provides constant moisturizing to the skin, prevents dryness
Removes small wrinkles!
Deeply nourishes, supports the skin in moisturized condition, improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.