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Shoe Expander / 2 Way Shoe Stretcher

$11.00 Regular price $19.90
Shoe Expander / 2 Way Shoe Stretcher

How to use:

- Insert the shoe stretcher into the shoe
- Turn the knob clockwise to begin stretching
- Leave the stretcher in overnight

Are your shoes feeling a little tight? Get this 2-way shoe stretcher to stretch both width and length of your shoe.

Size and price for ONE piece:
Small (fits Eur 34 - 37): $13.8
Medium (fits Eur 38 - 40): $14.8
Large (fits Eur 41 - 45): $15.8
Buy according to your current shoe size.
If you need a pair, just buy 2 pieces.

Fits left right, men and women shoes.
Comes with 2 detachable plastic pressure pods to stretch specific area of the shoe.

Postage for one piece:
Normal postage: $1.80
Registered postage: $4.00 (postage+reg fee)