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S2 Waterproof handfree Business Rotatable Charge Box In ear TWS Earbuds Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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Specific parameters:
Battery capacity: 55mah
Charging compartment capacity: 550mAh
Talk time: 6 hours
Playback time: 5 hours
Transmission distance: 10 meters
Charging time: 1-2 hours
Bare weight: 10g/pcs

1. Listen to songs and calls, and support songs and calls.
2. Calling number, last callback, all smart Chinese and English audio prompts, boot, pairing, shutdown disconnect the phone low battery voice prompts;
3. Apple's mobile phone has a power display, you can watch the headset power status at any time, do not worry about the lack of power to your headphones to worry about life;
5. After the bluetooth headset is turned on and the mobile phone is turned off, the Bluetooth headset will automatically connect back to the mobile phone when it is turned on, which is convenient and quicker.
6.Smart compatibility: support all mobile phones with Bluetooth, tablet, notebook, sing bar, Q music, movies, etc.

Pairing method:
1. Both headphones simultaneously press and hold the power button for 3 seconds at the same time. The red and blue LED lights flash alternately. At this time, the prompt tone paring is entered and the pairing mode is entered.
2. Pairing between two headphones, select any one of the headphones as the main headset, press twice, another pair of headphones slow flash blue light, pairing between the ears successfully
3. Open the phone Bluetooth, find , the connection is successfully paired

Prompt tone:

Power-on prompt: POWER ON
Shutdown prompt: power off
Matching status prompt: paring
Connection prompt: you device is connect
Disconnect prompt: you device is disconnect
Low power tips: battery low
Key function: long press start, long press to shut down, click music pause / play / call answer / hang up the phone, double click the next song.

Charge instructions:
Headphone charging indicator: Headphone charging red light, red light after the battery is full.
Charging box charging instructions:
1. When the charging box charges the headphones: The blue LED on the charging box flashes, and the blue LED turns off when the headset is full.
2. When charging the charging box: The blue LED flashes on the charging box, and the blue LED lights up after the charging box is full.