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Portable Handheld Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine For Skin Peeling Black Head Removal

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NEW VERSION 2 in 1 ! New in market!

Home Use Diamond Peel +(PLUS) LED Blue Light Therapy Device

Best selling product and effective as shown in the video.

How to use video

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Went to salon every month to do facial spent at least $48 - $100++ for diamond peel treatment just on face? With our home use portable Diamond Peel + LED Blue Light Therapy Device you now can do treatment at your comfort home! Not just face but full body too! In the market only we have this 2 in 1 device!

Treatment Benefit (Face)
- Acne/ Acne skin problem
- Blackhead & whitehead removal
- Scar Marks/ Deep Scar
- Large Pores
- Renewal & Regeneration Skin
- Whiten and brighten
- Dry Skin
- Sagging Skin & Wrinkle
- Stain & Dull Skin
- Hyper-pigmentation
- Eye bag and dark circle

Treatment Benefit (Body)
- Stretch Marks
- Whitening
- Scar
- Rough Skin

- Small, lightweight, easy to carry
- Safe for home use
- Suitable for all type of skin
- No excitability, no stabbing pain, no need to anesthetize.
- Easy controlled, no side effect, safe and effective significant.

See and feel the different in just 4 weeks!!

Retail Price $350 Special PROMO $80 (LIMITED TO 20 SETS)
3 months warranty

1 Set Including
- 3 Vacuum head
- 3 diamond peel tips
- 1 Packet cotton filter
- 1 Packet suction sponge
- 1 Power cable plug
- 1 Diamond Peel Machine (Handheld wand)

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