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One Spring Lip Private Part Nipple Bleaching Whitening Pinkish Cream

One Spring

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Pink Nipple Cream Underarm Pinken Whitening Lightening Armpit Dark Skin 30ml

The product extracted cherry essence of its rich natrual vitamin A, B, E, cherry leaf flavonoids beauty skin rejuvenation, its mild, zero stimulus features sensitive parts inhibit pigmentation, repair, matte finish, smooth and powerful effect.
For the crowd:
the need to run the red parts, black, white, dark lip color lip lines after still not red, dull, easy peeling, chapped lips, lip wrinkles the people.
Application areas:
the lip, nipple, areola, eyelids, cheeks rosy parts that require change.
Method of use:
After cleansing, smear gently massage until absorbed so far, you can wear underwear.
Package Included:

1 x cherry blossom essence cream