Multi purpose rechargeable battery Multi-function Car Auto Jump Starter Mobile Power Bank Battery

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11.5cm x 7cm x 13cm

Usage Formula
If washing Kit usage is 60W
60W / 12V = 5A , 4.5AH / 5A = 0.9H
0.9H x 60mins = 50mins
Use of washing kit will last for 50mins

Brand new innovation portable re chargeable kit. With this kit washing your car is a piece of cake whats more it come with a DC 12v socket input as well as USB port, jump starts plug and led light

Where you can vacuum , wash, bring your car portable fridge at your boot, pump tire using this portable kit with DC 12 V socket output and even polish your love car without a need to plug in to your car DC socket input and need to switch on the electric ignition of your car is so troublesome and when you close your car door will scare it spolit the wire hurry limited stock and this kit is comparable to all equipment that uses car DC 12 V socket input as well as to charge your phone during outdoor as it has four USB port.this kit can be charge at home before bringing it down to do cleaning or etc last for 6 hours

Out field, fishing and camping with no power this will help u a lot.

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