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JMsolution Marine luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Foam Cleanser 200ml

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Delicate and rich cleansing foam: Touch the skin, immediately add a rich and delicate foam, gently and cleanly clean the pores, and care for sebum and skin keratin. The activation of ocean water coagulation energy: thoroughly cleans the makeup residue, uses the deep water and ocean energy of Gangwon-do, and purifies the skin to create pure skin.

Translucent and vibrant skin: use the ocean's ocean energy and marine collagen to block the loss of moisture and give the skin rich minerals.

3 heavy hyaluronic acid and pearl ingredients to create radiant skin: high moisturizing 3 hyaluronic acid and moisturizing complex, improve the internal moisture content of the skin, maintain the skin surface moisture balance, and coarse collagen formation. Pearl extract, nourishing the face, tender skin, creating a hydrated and light skin.

Product ingredients

The five kinds of marine energy that grows on the seabed and has the vitality to replenish moisture for the weak and relaxing skin, strengthen the skin protective film and create a smooth, firm and elastic skin!

A pearl extract composed of more than 20 kinds of essential amino acids and minerals, which can inhibit free radical reaction in the body, nourish and rejuvenate, and pearl protein, which can effectively enhance skin elasticity and tenderness. The three kinds of precious abalone pearl extracts extracted from the abalone produced by Wandao, a pure sea, promote the skin to micro-circle the king's ring, enhance the vitality of the cells and improve the skin tone.

Maximizes the skin's moisturizing ability from the inside to the outside with 3 kinds of hyaluronic acid. It has a moisturizing ingredient with excellent moisture retention, so that the dry skin of the floating seed maintains sufficient moisture to form a powerful moisture moisturizing film!

note! It's hard to produce a clean foam when you have water on your face