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Imakara Toilet Auto Cleanser blue bubble flushing freshener UP TO 3 months fragrance

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Imakara Toilet Auto Cleanser
~ UP TO 3 months
~ Fragrance
~ Japan Formula
~ Japan Designed Better Water Flow Bottle
~ Fit For all the Toilet Bowl Water Tank.

1. Please brush and clean the toilet bowl before start to use.

Excellent Cleaning Ability: it can clean the dirty both of the tank, rim, inner wall, sewer pipe and other parts of the toilet thoroughly;
Acute Sterilization Ability: effective in killing bacteria and germs of the toilet and sewer pipe, preventing bacteria from toilet and toilet sewer infected alternately;
Fragrance: be effective in deodorization, and keep perfume continuously, purify the air of the toilet;
Safety: neutral product, without any causticity or toxicity;
Environment-protection: no phosphor and without heavy metal;
Excellent blue that makes you feel comfortable.
Bottle-packaged Toilet Block