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Hannah Drain/ Piping Declogger/ 1 box [10 packets x30g]

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Hannah Brand Drain/Piping Cleanser

1.Drain/piping cleanser can effectively penetrates and cleans up the clogged basin, bathtubs, kitchen sinks and shower area were waste water flows

2.Best for hair/organic debris that are typically what clogs the sink and tub drains.

What is in the box : 10 packets x 30g

How to use :

1. Use 1 packet of drain /piping cleanser and pour into the clogged drain/pipe

2. Pour about 200ml hot water

3. Wait for about 30mins-60mins to let the cleanser to react

4. After 30mins you may run down more water to free-flow the clogged drain/pipes

5. You may use 2 sachets if the drainage/pipe is badly clogged

6. To ensure free-flowing drainpipes, use Hannah Drain/Pipe Cleanser fortnightly