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Desiccant Silica Gel 5g x 50pc for Food Grade wardrobe moisture-proof agent tea cat food anti-mildew bag


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** Food Safe **


-Reduce oxidation and lengthens food shelf life

-Retain freshness, original taste and color

-Prevents bacterial and fungal growth that causes molding

-Maintains moisture and the nutritional qualities of fats and oils

Oxygen Absorbers are good for:

-Cookies, Cakes, Tarts

-Baked Foods

-Dried fruit and nuts

-Coffee, Tea & Cocoa

-Processed & dried meats

-Spices, seasonings & herbs

Keep your food fresh and extend the shelf life with Oxygen Absorbers. Deoxidizers are great for preserving food like Cookies, moon cakes, dried fruit, nuts and processed dried meats. In each secure packet is powdered iron that absorbs oxygen when placed inside a sealed environment like an airtight bag or cookie jar. These will also prevent your food items degrading by sucking the oxygen out. Packets are safe to use with food items.