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BIOAQUA Wonder Natural Blueberry Sleeping Mask


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BIOAQUA Wonder Natural Blueberry Sleeping Mask for Acne Winter Hydrating Oil Control Bright Skin Keep Young Beauty Energy HOT


Ingredients: Narrow leaf water,glycerin,cranberries(vaccinium angustifolium)fruit extract,hamamelis North America(hamamelis virginiana)extract,sodium acrylate/acryloyl copolymer,propylene glycol,methyl taurine sodium,double (hydroxymethyl) lmidazole alkyl urea ammonia,lodine propiolic alcohol butyl formate,edta disodium,essence.

How to use:
1. After cleansing, gently place the mask in whole face, gently press with your fingers to make it fully close to the skin
2. Relax spirit, enjoy the 15-20 minute time for mask, make skin to fully absorb nutrients
3. Remove the mask, the face still have Essence, gently massage can be used to help the skin to absorb
4.In conjunction with the follow-up skin care products, the nutrients can be locked in the skin

Storage: Keep in a cool place and avoid directly affected by sunlight, high temperatures

Tips: Because the characteristics of each person's skin is different, so the adaptability of different skin care products are also different. Before using any new skin care products, it is recommended that you apply to the skin behind the ear, if you feel uncomfortable or abnormal skin reaction, it is recommended to suspend the use or consult a doctor

Shelf life: 3 years

Net Weight: 50g/1.76oz.

Highly recommand use with whole BIOAQUA Blueberry Wonder Skin Care Series.