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Andrea Hot Fast Hair Growth Pilatory Essence


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Andrea Hot Fast Hair Growth Pilatory Essence Human Hair Oil Baldness Anti Hair Loss Product Alopecia Hair Care Styling Tool

Product Specifications: 20ml / bottle

Each 100ml shampoo, add 3ml, stir evenly.
"Andrea hair growth essence" is added to shampoos. 3ml per 100ml shampoo plus essence. Is to increase nutrition to the hair itself is about two to four times the growth rate. Spent about 20 days after about four or five times to see significant results.
Shelf life: There years, caps Kaifeng, try to run out within four months

Product ingredients:  ginger, ginseng, los card section, fleece-flower root, grape seed oil, the flowers and plants and other natural herbal ingredients. 
Product function: 
1, 2 or 3 Times fast Speed of hair growth
2, dense hair, issuance, prevent hair loss, let the hair follicles to grow new hair root!
3, raise hair  make hair more smooth. 
 Suit for the people :  hair growth slow,  need to grow hair,  dry hair bifurcate short-tempered,  hair loss,  hair thinning hair, long hair perm hair damage, elastic matted hair luster, brittle hard ,not smooth hair ( One Bottle Solve all your hair problems , Powerful Natural Herbal Essence )

Package Included: 1 X 20Ml hair essecnce with original box full English package.